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Sophie d'Arrentières 
Relocation consultant

Moving to Paris? Let me help make it a smooth transition

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sophie d'Arrentières SdA Relocation consultante en mobilité

Born and raised in Paris, but also having been an expatriate on 3 occasions myself, I am knowledgeable of the complexities of the Parisian rental market while also understanding the many concerns and questions associated with moving to a foreign city. I've experienced firsthand how the challenge of making important choices and dealing with new administrative procedures becomes overwhelming when it is also all in a new language!
As I enjoy getting to know new people and cultures, at school and during my years abroad I have learned German, English and Portuguese to better communicate with others. I also love being of service and making others feel welcome. For these reasons, 10 years ago I chose this profession. It allows me to use my skills to provide others with the help they need to turn a difficult transition into a positive experience.
I look forward to the opportunitiy to assist you in your move.

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My services

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Finding your new home

In collaboration with you I will :

  • Set up a personalized approach to finding your ideal home by assisting you in defining your criteria and requirements (phone interview and written questionnaire)

  • Give advice and information on the locations in the Greater Paris area you wish to target and their current real estate market

  • Assemble the necessary rental application paperwork for the real estate agents

  • Conduct a property search and make a pre-selection of those available that fit your requirements

  • Schedule a one-day property  viewing schedule and accompany you on the visits

  • Give you support in understanding the rental agreement and be present at the signature meeting 

  • Accompany you during the pre-move-in rental property inspection and inventory

  • Assist you in choosing and signing up for home  insurance

  • Help you with the process of connecting to utilities (electricity, internet, gas, water ...)

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Corporate social responsibility

Concerned about the environment, I have been using an electric car (Zoé) for over three years. In some areas of Paris, I suggest to use public transport or to walk, that allows to better understand the city and the specificity of its districts.

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Contact me

17 rue Bayard, 78150 Le Chesnay-Rocquencourt

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